As long as Anne can remember she has always loved creating art and believes that she was born with a crayon in her hand. Her passion for art has only grown stronger over the years and she now enjoys devoting much of her time to painting or teaching art.

Anne has been an active member of the Fraser Valley Watercolour Society since 2001. Joining the group has allowed Anne to further explore and experiment with watercolour media and she has enjoyed taking many art workshops which has further inspired her creativity and exploration of colour. Some of the workshops she has attended have been with many accomplished professional artists such as Kiff Holland, Gerry Thompson, Lynn Lawson Pajunen, Lalita Hamill, and Caren Heine.

Anne has participated in the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association's annual "Art Walk" since 2009 at Abbotsford's MSA Centennial Library. As a member of the Fraser Valley Watercolour Society, Anne has shown her work in many of the group's Art Shows at Clearbrook Library, Kariton Gallery, MAGie (Mission Art Gallery) and Place des Arts in Coquitlam.

Anne also has participated in a few Art Shows such as Art in the Park in Mill Lake which is situated by Kariton Gallery in Abbotsford.

Anne also enjoys painting in acrylic, as well as soft pastel, and has sold commissions of her pastel "pet portraits". Anne started her life long dream of teaching children with the Lucas Academy of Music and the Arts in Abbotsford, BC from 2008 until June 2011. She also taught with the Abbotsford Rec Centre (ARC) for a few summers. Anne is currently teaching through her own studio, AK White Studio where she teaches a variety of ages from 4 to adult.

Anne finds inspiration for her art in nature and through travels in Canada, the United States and Mexico. She always has her camera ready for the perfect composition and takes many photographs knowing that this will be the inspiration for another painting. Another passion of Anne's is gardening and she loves to capture the essence of the garden flora in many of her paintings.